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Noury Bouraqadi bouraqadi at
Fri Jan 5 20:55:36 UTC 2007


I extended classes definitions and wanted to have these extensions  
taken into account into monticello. So, I extended MCClassDefinition  
in my package. Things work fine until I switched to a fresh image and  
wanted to install my package. I found out that there is a  
bootstrapping problem, I need my MC extension installed before  
actually loading my package. Putting the extension into a required  
package doesn't help. My solution is to use an "installer", i.e. a  
class that loads my package.
However, I have some questions:

-I guess other people face this problem. I'm sure that Traits have  
this problem. You can't install the traits package in an image that  
doesn't already have MCTraitDefinition... Any other examples?

-What are the other available solutions ? I guess, there should be  
some tool similar to what I called "installer".

-Is this issue is or will be addressed in Monticello 2?

-Is this problem is really specific to Monticello and Squeak? Anybody  
knows about similar issue in other Smalltalk dialects or even other  

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