Could we fix the web site

Karl karl.ramberg at
Sat Jan 6 16:36:27 UTC 2007

Stéphane Ducasse wrote:
> Hi all
> Happy new years. I wish you a lot of fun and success for your 
> squeaking projects.
> Now I would like to know if this is possible to fix the squeak web site.
> I was a nice idea to put the news seeds in the web site but but but.
>     - we do not control the contents
>     - some of them are not really squeaking
>     - some of them contain a lot of typos.
>     "Croquet Edit and Create 3d Objects
> Howard Stearns reciently replyed to a question from Mathieu. I thought 
> I’d reporduce his response here. Howard give a lot of very good 
> information about Croquet support for third party tools...."
>     Sorry but I do not know who is mathieu :) and this give me the 
> impression to get in a private discussion.
> I want to be **proud** to put a link on http:/ on 
> important documents.
> So could we ut the welcome section right on the top. and the news 
> after the portal.
> Stef
The news feed is from so if you join the news team you 
will be able to post directly.
Typos and other standards of posting to the news feed should probably be 
addressed to the news team.

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