Could we fix the web site

bryce at bryce at
Sat Jan 6 21:49:45 UTC 2007

Joshua Gargus writes:
 > Stephane makes a good point.  If we want to be the  
 > public face of Squeak to the outside world, then the news feeds  
 > should absolutely not appear at the very top.  Instead, the Welcome!  
 > section should come first to give a basic understanding of the entire  
 > site. That much is clear (right?  if not, why?)

I'd agree that the typos aren't ideal but having regular news is
a great sign of life. Without it, the page and Squeak risk looking

Also the page should be useful for experienced Squeakers as well. If
it's only for beginners it risks becoming out of date. It needs
knowledgeable readers to spot the mistakes and opportunities for

Overall, I like the current Squeak site. Sure it could be better and
mistakes do happen but it looks decent and has a reasonable range of
information. Thanks to both the news and web teams.


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