Could we fix the web site

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at
Sun Jan 7 08:28:25 UTC 2007

> Welcome :-) I'll try to add you to the password lists etc. (I'm not  
> sure I remember how to do that...)
> and the swiki are different because people wanted a  
> small, easy intro to the Squeakworld.
> As you know the swiki is neither :-) I think it is a nice distinction.
> The documentation pages need a lot of attention, so  you are  
> welcome to work on them.
> I don't think we should move all content over to from  
> the swiki as most users don't have access to editing and  
> therefore editing will be a major obstacle.
> The distinction between the doc team and web team would be that  
> there were some talk about linking the doc into the image somehow.  
> But I agree, we have much of the same purpose, documenting Squeak.
> I'm not sure how well Pier would scale as a wiki. It is quite  
> different than both Smallwiki and Swiki and it I haven't gotten  
> used to it yet. Smallwiki is also quite different from Swiki.
> I'm not sure how to give you a image as it contains  
> passwords etc. so I can't post it publicly. Access to the server is
> provided by the Box admins.
> Hope we will have a good time working together.
> Karl

ESUG proposed to lukas to get payed to produce a better version of  
Pier that ESUG (and everybody) could use to
build website. Now lukas is totally fully booked. We wanted to have a  
file/database back end with external resources management, an admin,  
and easy install download. We hope that lukas will get some time for  
Pier. So at least you know that I was not saying that we should  
change the underlying
system. just swap two paragraphs.


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