Could we fix the web site

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Sun Jan 7 09:17:05 UTC 2007

I just had a look at the squeak web site and I have to say, I like it.  It 
is unique and has everything in a concise layout.

The only thing I would suggest is; can we get some kind of date on the news 
items (e.g. Weekly Squeak [week 2, 2007]).  I don't know about others, but 
the first thing I do in evaluating a site is check for dates.  I saw some 
but it wouldn't hurt to relate them to the weekly squeak as well.

And Step, I'm afraid I didn't really understand your concerns.  Is it just 
about typos showing up in the news?  Would you mind restating it?


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>Joshua Gargus writes:
>  > Stephane makes a good point.  If we want to be the
>  > public face of Squeak to the outside world, then the news feeds
>  > should absolutely not appear at the very top.  Instead, the Welcome!
>  > section should come first to give a basic understanding of the entire
>  > site. That much is clear (right?  if not, why?)
>I'd agree that the typos aren't ideal but having regular news is
>a great sign of life. Without it, the page and Squeak risk looking
>Also the page should be useful for experienced Squeakers as well. If
>it's only for beginners it risks becoming out of date. It needs
>knowledgeable readers to spot the mistakes and opportunities for
>Overall, I like the current Squeak site. Sure it could be better and
>mistakes do happen but it looks decent and has a reasonable range of
>information. Thanks to both the news and web teams.

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