3D desktop

David P Harris dpharris at telus.net
Sun Jan 7 09:28:15 UTC 2007

tim Rowledge wrote:

> On 5-Jan-07, at 1:31 PM, stéphane ducasse wrote:
>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0ODskdEPnQ
> Yuck. Absolutely ridiculous system. I don't want some simulation of a  
> bad system (messy desktops may be common but they're certainly not  
> good) I want a sensible system that actually helps my work processes.
> This is nothing more than game-washed kids trying to find a way to  
> get grade points for playing Doom.
> tim

Gee Tim, just this weekend I have seen several articles saying that 
messy is good.  Seems there's a new book out by a rabbi saying that 
too-organized is wasteful and too-messy is wasteful, but some mess is 
just right!  See: 


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