Could we fix the web site

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at
Sun Jan 7 15:51:22 UTC 2007

thanks keith.
In fact this is basically the only option I have and this was making  
me sad. Because at the end I would like to be proud of squeak and  
what we are and did.
but form is as important as contents when people are judging you. So  
already the changes made by karl improved the situation.


On 7 janv. 07, at 16:44, Keith Hodges wrote:

> Andreas Raab wrote:
>> stephane ducasse wrote:
>>> Why andreas? My original post was not nice?
>> Well, judge for yourself - are these "nice" quotes? "Or I can  
>> remove all the links I have on my sites and cv to"  
>> "But ok I will remove all my links to" "Really I'm  
>> quite annoyed. I cannot tell you all the story behind my mail but  
>> this is not a simple idiot remark. "
>> And perhaps most importantly if someone points out that Cees is  
>> not the only person who read those messages that way, is it "nice"  
>> to respond like this?
>>> But this is clear I will stay away from squeak. This is a good  
>>> year resolution.
>> Cheers,
>>   - Andreas
> I dont think that Stef needs to judge for himself at all. There is  
> nothing "un nice" about these quotes, particularly when they are  
> read "in context".
> There is nothing un-nice about suggesting that links to  
> might be removed from a cv. I would want links from my cv to be  
> fairly static and to know exactly what a prospective employer might  
> be reading. I would put my own description about squeak in for this  
> purpose. Heck even the name "squeak" can be a problem in that respect.
> Keith
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