Hello and a question bout TextFieldMorph

karl karl.ramberg at chello.se
Mon Jan 8 12:37:22 UTC 2007

Javier Reyes skrev:
> Hello Everyone,
> My name is Javier Reyes and I have just subscribed to this mailing 
> list. I live and work in Madrid, Spain.
> I am developing an pplication for a Magazine using Squeak. For a small 
> text box (which describes the contents of a page in the magazine) I 
> use a TextFieldMorph. Once initialized the Morph appears with an 'abc' 
> text in the upper left corner. That's fine for me. My problem comes 
> when i delete the last character of the TextMorph. At that moment the 
> Morph changes its color to the default light gray but the text that's 
> written after that doesnt appear in the top left corner anymore but 
> one line below.
> If I press Alt-0 the text goes back to the corner, but I want that 
> behaviour to be default. This "reset" doesnt happen either if I select 
> the "abc" and write some replacement text, only when the 
> TextFieldMorph is emptied.
> Any help will be very welcome. Thanks in advance.
Does this help

text _ TextFieldMorph new openInWorld.
tm _ text findA: TextMorph.
tm autoFit: false.


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