The Squeak PR Committee

Chris Cunnington cunnington at
Tue Jan 9 17:05:53 UTC 2007

Hi All, 

Yesterday I was ranting about the need for Squeak to have a PR committee, so
I¹m going to start one. That¹s a pretty bold statement, because there is an
existing body of people who have a lot of experience with the development of
Squeak projects, and I neither know who these people are nor how they like
to do things. So, finding out who the players are and asking them away from
this list how they like to do things will be my first job as the initial
member of the newly formed Squeak PR Committee (The SPQS --  Sentatus
Populusque Squeakarum). I¹ll report back what the consensus seems to be in
about two weeks. 

Chris Cunnington
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