Squeak and Skype

Davide Varvello d.varvello at quinary.com
Thu Jan 11 01:43:32 UTC 2007

Hi All!
I'm playing with Squeak and Skype APIs for personal goals, I'm not a COM/.Net guru, I don't know almost anything of the Microsoft world, but following John Pierce's instructions here: http://www.visoracle.com/squeakfaq/com-activex.html and here: http://www.saltypickle.com/SqueakDotNet/ I was able to make talk Squeak and Skype.
First of all you should download the latest version of Skype4COM (https://developer.skype.com/Download?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=Skype4COM-, unzip it and use the tlbimp utility on Skype4COM.dll to create a .Net wrapper (SKYPE4COMLib.dll) move it in the Squeak directory for ease of use.

Now launch Skype and Squeak, open a workspace and paste this:

DotNet Assembly loadFrom: 'SKYPE4COMLib.dll'.
skype := DotNet SkypeClass new. 
skype placeCall:'echo123'. 

to place a call on the skype testing user.

If you have skype credit, you can also try this:
skype sendSms:'0123456789' with:'Squeak rocks!!'.

Have fun ;-)
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