Emergency evaluator: "save and exit" command?

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Fri Jan 12 21:27:49 UTC 2007

On Jan 12, 2007, at 11:06 AM, tim Rowledge wrote:

>> Someone else mentioned using Monticello for version control. That  
>> is what I had been doing in fact, but I hadn't actually had it  
>> export anything yet, since of course I didn't have anything usable  
>> yet, and I don't want to be at "version 56" of something before  
>> it's even finished (normally, a basic finished product is version  
>> 1 is it not? :))
> Good grief John, nobody cares what MC version number stuff is. MC  
> is there to store your work as you do it. When it reaches a state  
> where you want to release a version you can save a package with a  
> new name and even call version 1.0 if you want.

Ya, let's see sophie resource mgr, 296 versions. Generally I finish  
or attempt to finish work task, then run SUnits, then on confirmation  
check in the changes.
Occasionally I check them in busted and warn the other developers  
(but that is rare).  Since our repository exists on a different  
continent from me it's a way to ensure
in case my laptop hard disk fails (did in Nov), stolen, dropped etc,  
then I shouldn't lose more than a day of work.

Somedays multiple check in if I'm dealing with FFI code generation  
because a mistake on my part means the VM will crash, and recovery by  
loading some MC packages
is *much* simpler than dealing with change logs.

Lastly note that you can deal with change logs from another image if  
need be in case you've managed to screw  your image so badly it's un- 
usable, thus allow you
to restore changes into another working image. But even then by using  
MC it's far easier.

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