Squeak hangs when AVG virus scan is run

Brad Fuller brad at bradfuller.com
Sat Jan 13 18:07:46 UTC 2007

John Ersatznom wrote:
> As the subject says: Squeak hangs if an AVG anti-virus scan is run. I 
> know, because I have one scheduled for 8 am on Saturdays and exactly at 
> 8 Morphic locked up solid and stopped processing events.
> Contrast with the email client I'm using, which is a touch sluggish but 
> otherwise working perfectly.
> There's been no response that I could detect (even scanning the archives 
> again) to my response to the VM crash thread.
> There are also performance issues. Performing 100,000 math operations on 
> floats and small integers with some message passing, looping, and block 
> calling takes a full second or two on a 2GHz machine. Is that normal?

If this is reproducible on other systems, perhaps you should file a bug. 
Especially if it happens on a fresh image (i.e., not your code. This 
would be a real problem for production sw in the field.

brad fuller

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