John, do you have Sophie running on this thing yet?

Karl karl.ramberg at
Sat Jan 13 22:01:11 UTC 2007

Brad Fuller wrote:
> Aaron Reichow wrote:
>> Brad-
>> The Nokia 800 is sure to be just as great a mobile Squeak platform as 
>> the Nokia 770 is. The N800 doesn't have much different from the older 
>> 770, but it does have a faster CPU - 320 rather than 250 MHz.  While 
>> 250 MHz sounds slow for Squeak in Morphic, it works quite admirably- 
>> I've been using Squeak on my 770 for a while, and while 3.9 is too 
>> slow to use, 3.6 is usable and anything older than that is even 
>> better. I've found 3.2 is a great version- it's Morphic feels faster 
>> than the newer versions of Squeak, but the built-in classes are 
>> similar enough to 3.6-3.9's that writing an app for 3.2 and sharing 
>> it to 3.9 users works fine. I've also had little problem getting most 
>> code for 3.7 or 3.9 working on 3.2, at least for what I'm doing.
> That is very sad to hear.
> Why is it that a newer version of Squeak is slower than older 
> versions? Is it only on small systems? What has changed that makes it 
> so much slower?
I think the layout stuff and event stuff made morphic slower (added 
around Squeak version 3-3.5). This is acceptable on new hardware but can 
cause old machines to be very slow. I think some tuning could be 
performed to make newer morphic faster.

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