Squeak: Beyond Education - Call for input for the upcoming workshop to be held at the C5 Conference in Kyoto Japan on the 24-26 of January 2007

John Magnifico john_magnifico at yahoo.com.au
Mon Jan 15 12:55:29 UTC 2007

To All Squeak Dev Subscribers,



We are organizing a workshop in the coming C5 conference in Kyoto Japan
(http://www.cm.is.ritsumei.ac.jp/c5-07/program.html) about using Squeak
beyond education.


As a result we have titled the workshop "Beyond Education: How can Squeak
Make a Lasting Impression in Developing Commercial Software" and would very
much like to invite all interested parties to join us there with their
presence, if possible, and/or with their ideas, experience and suggestions
on this topic.


Squeak is an incredible tool and a medium already used very successfully for
education, but is that it? Is Squeak a viable alternative to various
development tools in the industry? What are other strengths of Squeak? What
are applications developed in Squeak? What is required to make Squeak more
appealing to development communities? 


The purpose of this workshop is to show how Squeak is currently used to
develop commercial software. We will provide examples from working systems
and then discuss issues and areas of enhancement for Squeak to be a more
powerful tool for collaborative systems development.


We will discuss current tools that are used for collaborative, development
and support in and outside of Squeak. We will start to determine the models,
processes and systems that currently exist in other languages and how some
or all of these mechanisms could be fully incorporated into Squeak. We will
also highlight the impact such systems would have on the development of both
educational and commercial software. 


We are interested in all opinions with regard to using Squeak in real world
applications. What attempts have been made to develop commercial software
using Squeak? Which have succeeded and which have not? What are the lessons
learned form such attempts? Metrics would also be very welcome for such
things as usage figures, project length, developers used etc. If desired,
the privacy of contributors will be protected and we are happy to receive
information anonymously although would have much more credibility with a


We intend to set up and maintain a web site with the results of the workshop
and use this opportunity as a seed program to form a workforce to develop a
commercial presence for Squeak. 


If you would like to contact me directly, feel free to email me at



Kind regards


John Magnifico

CEO Blue Plane Pty Ltd.



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