Ffenestri (multiple host window support), and Mac Host Menus

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Tue Jan 16 09:25:40 UTC 2007

Hi guys

Do you think that this is reasonable to rescue this project. Because  
after reading your comment I have the impression that
I was wrong suggesting to have a look at what you did.


On 16 janv. 07, at 03:16, John M McIntosh wrote:

> On Jan 15, 2007, at 5:44 PM, tim Rowledge wrote:
>> host windows. John did some hacks to map Squeak projects to  
>> windows as a proof of concept but I don't think that is the way to  
>> go.
> Well actually it was to map tweak projects to a window because a  
> tweak world has a display surface and an event queue. So when the  
> VM flows the events
> we dispatch the event to the proper tweak world event queue based  
> on which host window the weak world thinks it is managing and  
> possibly alter the coordinates.
>  And when the tweak world draws to the tweak surface we ensure it  
> draws to the proper host window surface.
> Normally the tweak project's event queue would just be filled with  
> events based on focus, and the surface used would be Display.
> Worked quite nicely, not a HACK....
> What was a hack was the Morphic project integration I did. On a  
> morphic project switch I would switch out what the Display was, and  
> of course on
> window activation ensure the correct Morphic project was switched  
> to and the events for the proper window would flow. Because the  
> logic in 2004, perhaps today, assumes only one morphic project was  
> running that was reasonable.
> In all of this, if one looks at the SUnit you'll see how to  
> interact with a window and draw to it without any regard to what  
> Morphic thinks.
> Sadly looking for Sensor and or Display usage will cause one's  
> blood to run thin... The fun part is that in *lots* of usage there  
> is no context to decide which
> drawing surface we are dealing with...
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