Stdout and Stderr

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at
Thu Jan 18 00:27:32 UTC 2007

Giovanni Corriga wrote:
> Il giorno mer, 17/01/2007 alle 22.41 +0000, Keith Hodges ha scritto:
>> Hello,
>> just a quick question, are any of the VM's particularly the unixish 
>> ones, wired to produce output on stdout or stderr. Are there primitives 
>> for doing so without any plugins?
> If you need output only, you can try opening /dev/stdout and /dev/stderr
> as simple files.
> This should work on Linux; not sure if it'll work on other Unix systems.
> 	Giovanni
Yes that worked!

stdout := FileDirectory new fileNamed: '/dev/stdout'
stdout nextPutAll: 'hello world'; cr.



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