RFV: pinhead team needed

Cees de Groot cdegroot at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 09:48:09 UTC 2007

On 1/17/07, Adrian Lienhard <adi at netstyle.ch> wrote:
> Talking about fund raising, what are the plans for spending the money
> on?

Valid question. At the moment, we have higher and higher fixed
operating expenses:
- box2.squeakfoundation.org.
- we want another box quite likely for fail-over and other reasons.
- incorporation of SqueakFoundation with quite some up-front costs and
some recurring yearly costs (publishing accounts and stuff, methinks).

Then, if we really want to make a difference, we need to build up a
little warchest so we can start supporting people (if not actually
paying, maybe by donating/lending hardware,  stuff like that) in
extending Squeak. Also - I'm thinking that promotional activities,
showing off Squeak and all the "products" built on it like Dabble,
Croquet, Scratch, ...  - inplaces like maybe OOPSLA etcetera might
help raise awareness, grow the crowd, and make things a lot easier.
We're still a very tiny group, with very limited time, and that is
something we need to work on. Lots of ideas have been discussed over
the years on this list, and they're all good ideas :).

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