Meaning behind SqueakFoundation Logo

Brad Fuller brad at
Sat Jan 20 19:22:18 UTC 2007

stephane ducasse wrote:
> My idea was that the foundation should promote all the squeak related
> projects:
> Smallland, tweak, croquet, seaside.... It should work as a core. So the
> foundation is the core and around
> you have all the projects.
> But if you want to do something with it, it is free. At the end if
> nobody does anything
> I will use it for what I want.

Thanks. I just always wondered what the circles/globes meant.

No, I don't want to do anything with it. Just wondered about the design

> (Also one idea was that having a logo that looks like a cool one and not
> a kid stuff was important for me
> I always thought about the people trying to sell project in squeak...
> and seeing the faces of their clients.

I like the little mouse. But, I also understand that it might not be
what people want to present to their client or boss.

> Somehow this is too bad that the code name of etoy was taken for the
> complete system.
> Even if I like the pin with the mouse (yes I have an old one thanks to
> john I guess) and they were cool.

It seems that there are 4 images that are consistent with squeak:

1: the colorful smalltalk balloon - not a logo, of course.
2: The mouse - used as a logo
3: The SqueakFoundation logo (I don't know if you named it that)
4: the new smalltalk logo [|]

It'd be nice if there was a way to incorporate them all into one that
could represent the creativeness/playfulness of the mouse, the history
and  "the escape from the ivory tower" feeling of the balloon and the
contemporary image of the new smalltalk [|].

>> What is the meaning behind the 3 globes that orbit the smalltalk logo in
>> Stéphane's logo. Has it been proposed to approve this logo for squeak
>> promotion? Or is it only for the SqueakFoundation? Or?
>> --brad fuller

brad fuller

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