Should every kernel class x provide support for (x new) printString and (x new) hash

Klaus D. Witzel klaus.witzel at
Sun Jan 21 10:51:14 UTC 2007

Hi folks,

on the beginners list Brent McConnell reported a situation in which  
(Collection new) was assigned to an automatic declared variable x and a  
subsequent (x := OrderedCollection new) still called for the dubugger,  
because aDictionary(Set) relies on ((Collection new) hash) for already  
declared variables. You can provoke the walkback with printIt on

  (Collection new) hash

but also on

  (Collection new)

Q: wouldn't it be noob-friendlier if *all* kernel classes avoided the  
debugger in doIt/printIt situations?

Just my CHF 0.05 :)


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