Should every kernel class x provide support for (x new) printString and (x new) hash

Bert Freudenberg bert at
Sun Jan 21 20:23:54 UTC 2007

Am Jan 21, 2007 um 21:15  schrieb Ralph Johnson:

> On 1/21/07, Klaus D. Witzel <klaus.witzel at> wrote:
>> Hi Ralph,
>> I have nothing to say against your arguments :) just asked if it is
>> possibile to be more polite to potential converts when they begin  
>> using a
>> workspace :)
> Sure, it is good to be friendly.
> Perhaps change Collection>>do: to
> do: aBlock
>  self class = Collection ifTrue: [self error: 'Collection is an
> abstract class.  You should probably use OrderedCollection instead.'].
>  self subclassResponsibility

That's an excellent idea!

Maybe we could even reword the notice in the general  
subclassResponsibility method. In general, Squeak error messages are  
quite unhelpful. Like, the first thing everyone encounters is a DNU  
for nil - the message could be way more informative.

> Or maybe change #new to be
> new
>  self = Collection ifTrue: [^OrderedCollection new].
>  ^super new

This one I do not like.

- Bert -

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