Elections coming up

Daniel Vainsencher danielv at tx.technion.ac.il
Mon Jan 22 00:59:16 UTC 2007

Hi everyone, I thought I'd remind everyone that the elections process is 
about to begin. This process is performed by the elections team. The 
goal of the team is to carry out the election in such a way that the 
elected board is representative of the communities wishes. At the 
moment, we invite anyone that wants to join the discussions of the 
election team (and possibly the team proper), is welcome to register for 
the elections mailing list (start from 
http://squeak.org/Community/Teams/). Usually people that intend to run 
as candidates pretty much exclude themselves from both.

If you have any requests or comments about how the election should 
occur, now is a good time to make them, either here or there. For 
example, one topic for discussion might be the proper number of Board 
posts relative to the number of candidates we have (by default, we will 
have 7 positions as last time) or the requirements to vote (currently, 
higher than observer status on SqP, or being an active participant in a 
sibling community).

Daniel Vainsencher

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