AmigaOS 4 Now Available !!!

Chris Cunnington cunnington at
Tue Jan 23 07:46:22 UTC 2007

I just read this on Slashdot!
The new AmigaOS 4 is now available even though there is no hardware
available to run it!

A quote from one of its happy users:

"It is nice to not have any distractions when working ‹ there is no waiting
for the system to swap out when switching between major applications, no
constant reminders for updates or to download new virus definitions and even
if the worst happens and the system locks up, it takes only seven seconds to
reboot and get back to a functional desktop."


Thank God we never post on Slashdot. Let's keep Squeak a secret for ever and
ever and ever. 

Yes, Precious... Nobody will ever find us in here... gollum, gollum...We're
safe, and all alone.

My Preeeeeeeeecious...

Chris Cunnington

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