[croquet] Linux: My computer is so fast ...

Mike O'Brien obrien at rush.aero.org
Tue Jan 23 22:39:43 UTC 2007

Bert Freudenberg says:

> Well, I got a request by one desperate Linux user who felt nobody
> from the Croquet community was able to help him get Croquet running
> under Linux. I do not have a real Linux box anymore (well, except for
> the $100-laptop), so I tried to run it in my Parallels install. It
> did not work, the red "connecting" screen does not seem to  finish.

	Ok, this is just a theory, but if I remember correctly,
Parallels does not (yet) support video acceleration.  Therefore
I question whether an OpenGL program would work well (or at all)
under Parallels, especially if the software more or less
insists that the accelerator hardware be there.

	I may be wrong here but...

Mike O'Brien

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