Aaron Reichow revaaron at bitquabit.com
Wed Jan 24 18:33:33 UTC 2007


A useable version of Fabrik is available in older versions of Squeak,  
and there is a demo project showing the construction of a class  
browser in Morphic using Fabrik. I can't remember what versions of  
Squeak have it or when they took it out, but I think it may have been  
at the 3.0 change over.  Try a Squeak 2.8 for an image that has  
Fabrik and is quite solid.

Though someone might be able to correct me on Fabrik- maybe it made  
it to 3.0, but I"m quite sure it isn't in 3.2.

I don't know if they ever *finished* it, but it is finished enough  
for the demos I've seen.


On Jan 24, 2007, at 12:25 PM, Brad Fuller wrote:

> I was wondering if Dan and Scott's Fabrik was ever finished on Squeak.
> Anyone know?
> (http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/1175)
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> brad fuller
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