the 2007 Squeak Foundation board election

Craig Latta craig at
Thu Jan 25 01:27:16 UTC 2007

Hi all--

     Just a note to say that I'll stand again for the Squeak Foundation
board. In the past term, I got the board to meet on a regular basis. I
established meeting agendas, kept the meetings moving, captured the
meetings, and produced edited notes for the community. I coordinated a
master list of Squeak's code contributors, so that we can produce a
fully-relicensed version of the system. I began the process of
incorporating the Squeak Foundation as a tax-exempt corporation, so that
we can pursue budgets that are both realistic and consequential. I
coordinated the Squeak BOF at OOPSLA 2006. I helped establish new
community teams, particularly the release team, and acted as board
liaison for several of them. I participated in community discussion on
several mailing lists and the IRC channel.

     My vision for Squeak is that we make it approachable, inspiring,
and serious fun for all comers. In the next term, I plan to complete
incorporation, and help decide how best to spend our sustainable
resources for the community. I want to help the teams function smoothly
(again, particularly the release team). And I want to have more fun with
Squeak myself!

     thanks again,


Craig Latta
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