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To Dan , with love , still no perfect but yes, 3.10 could use your magic.

El 1/24/07 8:41 PM, "Dan Ingalls" <Dan at SqueakLand.org> escribió:

>> A useable version of Fabrik is available in older versions of Squeak, and
>> there is a demo project showing the construction of a class browser in
>> Morphic using Fabrik. I can't remember what versions of Squeak have it or
>> when they took it out, but I think it may have been at the 3.0 change over.
>> Try a Squeak 2.8 for an image that has Fabrik and is quite solid.
>> Though someone might be able to correct me on Fabrik- maybe it made it to
>> 3.0, but I"m quite sure it isn't in 3.2.
>> I don't know if they ever *finished* it, but it is finished enough for the
>> demos I've seen.
> The Squeak Fabrik that I did was just a sketch -- but enough to build a
> browser in 5 minutes.  I kept intending to revisit this when Ned had
> Connectors working, but then got busy with other stuff.  It shouldn't take
> more than a day (maybe a week if it's new to you) to get the 2.8 stuff working
> in a modern image.  Then there are a bunch of demos you should try for fun
> (and to shake it down).  At least two things should be completed that will
> take a bit more work:
> The edit view/user view switch that lets you hide the wires and other stuff
> when running as an application, and
> Storing the layout and wiring in the application class.  This makes it a UI
> builder
> since all you have to do is fileOut and fileIn to another Squeak
> to export hat application.
>  It's really simple, guys, and I'd be happy to kibitz if someone wants to get
> it going.  It's incredibly fun to play with, once it's working.
> - Dan
>> On Jan 24, 2007, at 12:25 PM, Brad Fuller wrote:
>>> I was wondering if Dan and Scott's Fabrik was ever finished on Squeak.
>>> Anyone know?
>>> (http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/1175)
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>>> brad fuller
>>> www.bradfuller.com


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