2007-01-17 SqF board notes

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Thu Jan 25 15:29:23 UTC 2007

Hi board members,

I have sent an email related to Bert but apparently he did not  
mention it.

So this is a point for your next discussion:
	- how can we consolidate the effort of the relicensing?
	Will we accept code in 3.10 by people that did not sign the MIT  
agreement?	I hope not.
	How can the release team access this information? Do we have a list  
	How a squeaker can sign such an agreement if he was not originally  
	A suggestion for ViewPoint: I would be nice to be able to have  
scanned copies
	of the licenses somewhere on the foundation server too.


On 25 janv. 07, at 01:47, Craig Latta wrote:

> Hi all--
>      The Squeak Foundation board meets online for one hour on the  
> first
> and third Wednesday of each month. Thanks again to those of you who  
> have
> submitted agenda item suggestions[1]. Please keep them coming!
>      At the 2007-01-17 meeting, Bert, Craig, Marcus, Tim, and Yoshiki
> attended; Cees was absent. The meeting had seven agenda items.
> 1.   Review previous action items.
>           There was one action item from the previous meeting.
>      1.1. Craig will continue the incorporation process.
>           The first big decision we need to make is our state of
>      incorporation in the United States. Under US IRS requirements we
>      need to have a legal physical presence in that state.  
> Practically,
>      this means we can either use a state in which one of us live, or
>      pay a third party to maintain that presence for us (typically
>      Delaware). I'm the only one on the current board who even  
> lives in
>      the US, and I live in California. Given the expense and possible
>      complication of hiring a third party, the likelihood of future
>      Squeak Foundation board members from California, and the fact  
> that
>      Viewpoints Research Institute is there as well, we decided to
>      incorporate in California.
>           Stay tuned.
> 2.   Discuss pricing of Squeak badges and other fundraising details.
>      Tim awaits an official fresh quote from the badge  
> manufacturer. In
> the meantime, he will set up a group of people from the community to
> help with order fulfillment (storage, payment, and shipping). We  
> decided
> that using a third party for that was financially prohibitive given  
> the
> cost of goods. We currently anticipate a cost of USD 1.80 per badge,
> offered with USD 5 "general" donations (for a silver badge) and USD 50
> "gold" donations (for a gold badge).
>      Marcus will retire the old donations web presence, along with the
> rest of the old Squeak Foundation site, and create a new one.
>      We don't anticipate that fundraising activity will reach full  
> speed
> until we've incorporated and gained tax-exempt status.
> 3.   Cees will report on the state of the Squeak wiki (apparently,
>      at least as of 2007-01-11, it has been successfully moved from
>      Georgia Tech to wiki.squeak.org).
>      Cees wasn't present, but it does seem that the move was  
> successful.
> 4.   Consider Chris Cunnington's proposal for a public relations
>      team.
>      The board was unanimous: go for it, Chris!
> 5.   Start the next election process.
>      Yoshiki, as board liaison to the Elections team, will ask  
> Daniel to
> get things going.
> 6.   List the current action items.
>      6.1. Craig will continue the incorporation process.
>      6.2. Tim will report the official badges quote and create a  
> badges
>           fulfillment team.
>      6.3. Marcus will retire the old Squeak Foundation site, and  
> create
>           a new one (or at least an up-to-date way to donate to the
>           Foundation).
> 7.   List the next meeting's agenda items.
>      7.1. Review previous action items.
>      7.2. Craig will report on code contributor response to VPRI's
>           relicensing message. (Notices have been sent to all known
>           contributors[2]. If you've received a notice, please respond
>           as per its instructions, if you haven't already. If we  
> missed
>           you, please let me know.)
>      thanks again,
> -C
> [1] http://people.squeakfoundation.org/article/64.html
> [2] http://netjam.org/squeak/contributors
> -- 
> Craig Latta
> http://netjam.org/resume

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