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Alan Kay alan.kay at
Thu Jan 25 17:48:41 UTC 2007

Hi --

The costumes are supposed to be separate. An example in Croquet is 
that when you go from a world where you might look like the Rabbit 
into the waterworld, you change into a fish. Also, Croquet has done a 
lot of experimentation with filtered viewing, which is worth looking 
at. Logical separation is one thing, but there is also the question 
of identity, namely, when is a view of something to be taken as a 
manifestation of the thing, and when should it be considered a new thing?



At 12:37 AM 1/25/2007, Adrin wrote:
>I looked closer to Etoys and Sophie and have pretty much to study.
>But there is one thing, almost philosophical thing, what makes Melia 
>different. If I em correct, costumes and halos are extensions 
>applied to objects. Object will live with these extensions. In Melia 
>I try to really separate object from its possible visualization and 
>possible set of modification tools. I could be able to drag&drop 
>object from one window to another and object will change its 
>appearance dynamically. For this matter I must define standard 
>interface (in Melia I use archetype addressing - cool term isn't it? 
>:) I do it, because I still try to follow real world working with 
>objects - take it, look at it, focus on part of it, modify it.
>    Adam
>Alan Kay napsal(a):
>>Hi --
>>I looked at your website and I think this is a good idea 
>>(especially if you don't require window boundaries around objects 
>>-- this has always been one of the most misunderstood properties of 
>>the PARC Smalltalk GUI).
>>Historically, one of the first times this was done, pretty much 
>>exactly as you suggest, was the object-by-object editing as a halo 
>>of controls, and I think first implemented by Ted Kaehler at PARC 
>>in one of the very first attempts at doing a DTP system that 
>>combined modeless text editing with embedded pictures. This was 
>>before Smalltalk-76 as I recall. Here's a picture I found in the 
>>Early History of Smalltalk paper for HOPL II.
>>The larger version of this picture (which I don't have handy on my 
>>machine in Japan) shows that this illustration is embedded in a 
>>galley of text paragraphs. The idea in this interface was that when 
>>you touch any object, it should show its editing interface as a 
>>frame or halo around the object. Some remnants of this idea are to 
>>be seen in the Etoys halo of handles, and its "costume" architecture, etc.
>>At 02:17 AM 1/23/2007, Adrin wrote:
>>>I just completed first stage of draft Melia GUI concept. I like to 
>>>ask you, what is wrong, what is good, how to continue and so on...
>>>Please look here:
>>>    Adam.

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