2007-01-17 SqF board notes

Ken Causey ken at kencausey.com
Thu Jan 25 19:58:15 UTC 2007

While we await a response from the board I think I will throw in my 2

The forms were signed because we were granting a license to our
submissions to Viewpoints Research Institute under the and granting them
the right to distribute them under the MIT License.

There is no need to sign anything when specifying the license for a new
submission.  You simply state it.  Perhaps we should add some verbiage
related to this anywhere you can upload files to Mantis.  Of course that
would probably be easier if I were further along in the plans to move
Mantis to the community server.  I'll try to find some time for that
very soon.

Of course we have some submissions in the pipeline already where this
was not done.  I guess in that case you will simply have to request a
statement from the submitter.

I'm no expert on this of course, this is just my opinion.


On Thu, 2007-01-25 at 09:32 -0600, Ralph Johnson wrote:
> The 3.10 resease team is about to start releases.  i know that I
> haven't signed the forms, and I have no way of knowing who has.  So,
> we need to get that info ASAP.
> -Ralph Johnson
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