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Elod Kironsky kironsky at
Mon Jan 29 09:56:06 UTC 2007

Philippe Marschall wrote:
> 2007/1/26, Bert Freudenberg <bert at>:
>> On Jan 26, 2007, at 16:03 , Philippe Marschall wrote:
>> > 2007/1/26, Ralph Johnson <johnson at>:
>> >> One of my goals for 3.10 is to improve the quality of the image.  Our
>> >> first release (coming soon!) will have only green tests, and each
>> >> following release will have only green tests.
>> >
>> > How does removing failing tests improve the quality?
>> Woa, where does that hostility come from? There is another way to
>> ensure all tests are green, besides removing the failing ones.
> What hostility? I could not see why this improves the quality because
> to me the first step to fix a problem is to admit that you have a
> problem. Failing tests are pointer to problems for me. Removing
> failing tests because they can not be fixed today or tomorrow looked
> to me like an attempt to hide hide a problem. So I asked and now I
> know the reason why it was done.
> Philippe
Philippe, where did you read that failing tests will be removed? "First 
release will have
only green tests" means, that all tests remain and will pass, not fail. 
There will be no
test removal at all! I'm, pretty sure you misunderstood something.

>> >> But there are many
>> >> other things that could be checked automatically.  For example, there
>> >> should be no unimplemented methods in the released image.
>> >> Unfortunately, there are a lot right now, so we can't make that rule.
>> >> But I would like to have all these fixed by the end of the 3.10 cycle
>> >> and to be able to enforce the rule that no release has any
>> >> unimplemented methods.
>> >>
>> >> Jerome Peace has been working on getting rid of unimplemented methods
>> >> and has a lot of fixes.  You can find them at
>> >>   This is the original Mantis
>> >> issue that he has been working on.  Most of the fixes are in "child"
>> >> issues, but you can find them from that page.
>> >>
>> >> You can help by checking Jerome's fixes.  If you are familiar with
>> >> the
>> >> code he is changing, read it and see whether you can spot anything
>> >> wrong.  If you can, post a note.  If you can't, please post a note
>> >> that, as far as you can tell, it looks good.  If you aren't that
>> >> familiar with the code, but are working on an application that uses
>> >> it, please file in the changes and try out your application.  Again,
>> >> report on the results!
>> >>
>> >> If two or three people try out some changes and everybody thinks they
>> >> are OK, the release team will mark the issue as "resolved" and put it
>> >> in the next release.
>> >>
>> >> We will make sure the code doesn't break any tests.  But if you don't
>> >> try out the code then we'll have to try it, as well, and that will
>> >> take a lot more time.  So, you can help us get more work done by
>> >> checking out these fixes.
>> >>
>> >> Thanks!
>> >>
>> >> -Ralph Johnson
>> >>
>> >>
>> >

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