improving the quality of the image

Ralph Johnson johnson at
Mon Jan 29 17:06:39 UTC 2007

> So, you are only talking about removing tests that don't work correctly?
> Not tests that work correctly and fail because the code is buggy.

If we know that a test is improper then we just delete it.  We did
some of that.  If we know how to fix it then we fix it.  We did a
little of that.  Sometimes it is not clear whether a test is correct.
Sometimes we know there is a bug but we don't know how to fix it.  In
both of those cases, we moved the tests to Mantis.

Moving a test out of the image does not mean it has gone forever.  A
test that fails is a bug, either a test that shows a bug in the code
or a buggy test.  Bug reports are supposed to be in Mantis.  The tests
in the image should all work so we can tell that if we run them after
we make a change and some of them fail then we made a mistake.


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