[OT] Help with Apple Smalltalk 0.4

Eric Scharff eds_2 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 29 18:40:14 UTC 2007

This isn't strictly Squeak related, but I wanted to play with the Smalltalk-80 implementation that spawned Squeak in the first place.

I recently dug through my archives, and found original floppies for the 4 800K floppies that Apple Smalltalk 0.4 ships with.

Unfortunately, I do not have Mac that still has a working floppy drive!

I'm reluctant to part with the floppies, but if someone would be willing to transfer these floppies to disk images, so I could use them in an emulator, I would be happy to mail you the disks.

Or, if someone might have this version of smalltalk lying around and would be willing to share (as I said, i can prove I have the original disks) that would also be greatly appreciated.

BTW:  Is this the version of Smalltalk-80 that Squeak central used for bootstrapping the Smalltalk-to-C translator and the Squeak virtual machine?



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