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Ralph Johnson johnson at
Tue Jan 30 14:33:25 UTC 2007

> Pulling your known issues tests into a separate class, is not a good
> solution because then you loose the ability to subclass from TestCase
> sensibly.
> Pulling your known issues into a separate package is not a good
> solution, because then you loose the context for those tests, since they
> belong in the same context as those tests which pass. You need that
> context if you are ever going to fix them.
> Finally, breaking things up physically, rather than tagging things
> 'mentally' so to speak ruins any kind of smooth workflow. Write test fix
> test, becomes write test in one place, when it works move it to another
> place, debug it again in the new context.

I have done this for a long time.  Putting nonworking tests into
separate classes and packages is in fact perfectly fine.  My
experience is that your arguments are wrong.

Moving code around in Smalltalk is very easy.  It is almost as easy to
move a method from one class to another as it is to press a button.
It takes MUCH longer to figure out whether you want to move it.  Tests
should be independent of each other, so moving it should make no
difference to debugging.

The big advantage of SUnit is that it is extremely simple.  Simple
things work.  Sometimes complicated things work, too, but it is

-Ralph Johnson

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