OLPC-like device...

Aaron Reichow revaaron at bitquabit.com
Tue Jan 30 18:00:11 UTC 2007


The Nokia 770/N800 sounds like it'd fit the bill- except for the  
toughness. It isn't especially breakable, but it is only as tough as  
most PDAs and tablets are.  I think you could toughen it up with a  
little work and thought, however.

And, naturally, it runs Squeak w/ Morphic pretty well.  You get  
character recognition free with Squeak via Genie, or you can use what  
is built-in, which isn't as good as Squeak's Genie.


On Jan 30, 2007, at 11:35 AM, Blake wrote:

> Hey, Squeakers:
> 	I'm looking to put together an appliance and the OLPC device is  
> probably closest (perhaps with some tablet PCs) to what I envision.
> 	I need a small, light, tough touch screen, no keyboard or mouse or  
> hard-drive, but a wireless connection and maybe some flash memory.
> 	And, obviously, it has to be Smalltalk-capable. :-)
> 	Most of the interface will be on the level of fast food order  
> taking--although, come to think of it, I probably need some  
> handwriting-recognition functionality.
> 	I know a lot of folks deal with unusual hardware here, anyone have  
> any thoughts?
> 	===Blake===

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