Setting up a simple Wiki...

Aaron Reichow revaaron at
Tue Jan 30 18:07:07 UTC 2007

If you'd like something simple, why not just download and run Swiki?

You can get it here:

I just started doing just that myself, moving all of my work notes  
and the million OS X sticky notes into  the Swiki. It starts up at  
bootup on my Mac and runs in the background.


On Jan 26, 2007, at 6:54 AM, Elod Kironsky wrote:

> Hi!
> I am planning to set up a simple wiki for personal use (noting my  
> tasks, thoughts, etc.) and maybe more. I decided to
> use SmallWiki, as it seems to work really fine in practice  
> ( is very nice). At first I tried Pier, but it
> was a bit complicated for me, as I am not familiar with Seaside and  
> I really don't want to develop web applications. So
> I downloaded the SmallWiki prepared image from http:// 
> Loading from
> SqueakMap to 3.9 did not really work out (getting a dependency  
> message and after ignoring it getting another error on a
> non-existing method in Monticello?). The prepared image is a Squeak  
> 3.7 one and works just fine but I did run into
> troubles when trying to configure SmallWiki. So here are some  
> questions, maybe you can help me:
> 1.) I don't really understand the difference between roles and  
> users. If I enter the wiki, I have automatically anonymous
> role? Why can't I edit any page then?
> 2.) I tried to protect a page, that should not be viewable by other  
> users then admin. I executed the script I found in the
> SmallWiki FAQ:
> (server root at: 'Secret')
> 	roles: (OrderedCollection
> 		with: (BasicRole name: 'anonymous'))  " this role has no  
> permissions "
> but I could still access the page when I normally entered it  
> without any login. Am I doing something wrong?
> 3.) How can I remove actions (RSS for example) from the upper right  
> corner?
> I think that's pretty much it. I would appreciate any help. Thanks  
> in advance,
> Elod

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