About 3.9

Lex Spoon lex at lexspoon.org
Wed Jan 31 16:54:03 UTC 2007

"Ralph Johnson" <johnson at cs.uiuc.edu> writes:
> On 1/29/07, Edgar J. De Cleene <edgardec2001 at yahoo.com.ar> wrote:
> > The plan of 3.10 is have one "user ready" image and what you said was
> > available for try on .
> Except that as we gradually change 3.10, some of the old packages will
> no longer work.  The advantage of a "packages universe" is that
> everything is stable.  The advantage of 3.10 is that it will gradually
> get better.  You can't have both.

Actually, a package universe can also be grown over time.  Indeed
that's where a stabilized universe comes from.  Yes, if you are
updating things, then packages break.  However, the same is true for
changes to a monolithic codebase.


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