Spoon planning (was "Contributors Agreement signature status?")

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Wed Jul 4 17:17:35 UTC 2007

Craig Latta wrote:
>> When Spoon will be ready and proven on few battlefields, then will be
>> a time for a switch.
>      Can you be more specific? I'd like to know how you (all) define
> success, in terms concrete enough for planning. I suspect "I'll know it
> when I see it" doesn't suffice. :)

Have someone other than you use it for a decently sized project, come 
back and say: Yes, it works. And (hopefully) also: And it works great. 
As far as I know Spoon hasn't been used outside the context it was 
originally conceived in so it is hard to say how it'll hold up when 
other people try to use it for their own purposes. Plus, independent 
opinions are always helpful in explaining and understanding what a 
particular bit of technology is helpful with.

   - Andreas

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