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Juan Vuletich juan at
Fri Jul 6 23:32:44 UTC 2007

Hi Tim,

tim Rowledge escribió:
> I'm rather inclined to the idea that "Morphic Must Die!"
> Making a minimal system - either yor way or Craig's way - present an 
> opportunity to start from a place with NO constraints arising from a 
> previous framework that has to be kept limping along
> I would *love* to see a new, clean, designed UI/graphics system 
> implemented that can take advantage of host windows, Cairo, freetype, 
> etc. No, I'm *not* offering to design it.
> Come on people, be brave. Let's try to make a Smalltalk 2000 sometime 
> before Smalltalk 3000 is due?
This sounds close to my Morphic 3 project. Let me repeat that anybody 
wanting such a beast is invited to help in any way. I.e. I welcome 
discussion on the objectives of the project, the design ideas and the 
code itself.

Juan Vuletich

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