Delay and Server reliability

Bill Schwab BSchwab at
Tue Jul 24 11:17:17 UTC 2007


Congratulations and thanks.  I am also interested in the "all
callstacks" feature of your VM.  Years ago, I hacked Dolphin to do that
on break in runtime sessions, and later did the same thing in Squeak
when one of my early projects was suffering a GUI lockup.  Thanks to the
callstacks, I was able to fix it.  I _tried_ to make some associated VM
patches available, but there was no interest that I could detect. 
Please put your solution in the mainstream VM.  I would also suggest
adding a VM menu command, or (what I did) simply changing the existing
one-callstack command to dump all callstacks instead.

My fixes to the VM mostly involved getting the right number of new lines
between the stacks by moving the crs so they are added only when needed.
 I forget the terminology, but one iterates over more objects than are
in fact associated with a waiting process, leading to spurious new lines
in the output.  I might even be able to find the code if it would help. 
But my hunch is you have already encountered and fixed it.


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