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Damien Cassou damien.cassou at
Thu Jul 26 10:20:20 UTC 2007

2007/7/25, Keith Hodges <keith_hodges at>:
> I have been discussing with Lex the possibility of relaxing the
> "editorial policy" on the development universe so that anyone who has
> contributed a package can update other packages, so that the universe
> can be socially policed.
> Any thoughts or votes from users of the 'development' universe?

I agree with this. It's frustrating to me to always have to ask Lex
when I want to give a package to someone else as recently happened
with you and David.

Moreover, I tend to always prefer bazaar-like process where everyone
can do whatever he wants and the next user can undo the previous
commit (as in wikipedia, seaside...). I would like to try that kind of
process for the future release of Squeak but I may not have support
from the foundation and I'm not in any release team.

Damien Cassou

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