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> Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2007 13:14:52 -0700> From: tapplek at> To: squeak-dev at> Subject: Re: Message Eating Null - article> > > What on earth are you talking about?????  That is #inject:into:, known in> > functional programming as a fold.  > > I agree; that is a seriously obfuscated way to access the last> number dialed. I don't know how often 4-level chaining would> arise in practice, but I would hope it would be as simple as:> > ^ self office phone lastNumberDialed asString> > Anything more complex is not lazy enough to get diligently> applied everywhere it shouldYes, but it isn't quite that simple.  Normally I would do exactly what you suggested.  But in that case I would want a debugger if any of those messages returned nil.  If you want different handling for nil then the default you have to do a test after each message send.  This can either be done by making a special object as Keith suggested, using a fold as I suggested or brute forcing your way through as in Keith's example of what not to do. :)
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