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Mon Jun 11 00:00:02 UTC 2007

On 6/10/07, Janko Mivšek <janko.mivsek at> wrote:
> Hi Phillipe,
> Philippe Marschall wrote:
> > 2007/6/9, Janko Mivšek <janko.mivsek at>:
> >> Philippe Marschall wrote:
> >> All of us who use image as a database care about space efficiency but
> on
> >> the other side we want all normal string operations to run on unicode
> >> strings too.
> >
> > The image is not an efficient database. It stores all kind of "crap"
> > like Morphs.

The crap is going to be there anyway if you're running some sort of live
image with a database attached. If you don't want the crap then you can
remove it from the image or use a minimal image.

Now I'm thinking to do the same in Squeak. That is, to use squeak image
> as a database, fast and reliable. Am I too naive?

You have to have plans for when an image becomes corrupted.

I don't think it's too difficult to have the image automatically save itself
- say for example once every 5 minutes, once an hour, once a day and once a
week. That way if an image becomes corrupted, you can go back to the latest
known working image.

If data is very important to your application, you could write some code to
log changes to a file (aka squeak.changes) and manually read them back in
when disaster occurs.

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