Squeak to/from UTF-8 conversions

Michael Rueger michael at impara.de
Tue Jun 26 18:30:33 UTC 2007

Andreas Raab wrote:
> Good point. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to get into Sophie in 
> detail (I was just trying to understand why UTF-8 conversion is lossy 
> and what to do about it) but if someone would give me a primer on how 
> Sophie deals with these issues I'd appreciate it.

The main point we did in Sophie was to build "true" unicode converters. 
The existing ones preserved some of the black magic, so when converting 
into unicode you actually didn't for some characters.
So just looking at the new converters would be a good start. They can be 
found in the SOphie-RTF package.


MappingUnicodeTextConverter #()
	CP1250UnicodeTextConverter #()
	CP1251UnicodeTextConverter #()
	CP1252UnicodeTextConverter #()
	MacRomanUnicodeTextConverter #()

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