[ANN] Mysql Driver update

squeakdev at reider.net squeakdev at reider.net
Mon May 28 00:04:38 UTC 2007

Version 4 of package Mysql Driver is available on squeakmap. This
version supports the newer client authentication protocol in Mysql
4.1/5.x. I've marked it Beta for now - feedback is appreciated.

-Alan Reider

>From the release notes:

   * Compatible with new Mysql 4.1/5x authentication and resultset changes.
   * Should also work with 4.1/5x with old (short) passwords.
   * May still work with Mysql 4.0 and below and Squeak 3.7 and below.
   * Fixed float conversion not to use '+', eg '3.041234e+23' is N/G
in Squeak 3.8.
   * Added new Integer type used in Mysql 5.x (as mentioned by Boingo)
   * Test suites upgraded, eg factored connectionSpec 4 ez changing.
   * Test suite passed on Squeak 3.8 w/ Mysql 5.0.38 on Ubuntu.
   * Requires Cryptography package (as previously)

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