Thoughts on a concurrent Squeak VM (was: Re: Concurrent Futures)

tim Rowledge tim at
Thu Nov 1 00:51:27 UTC 2007

On 31-Oct-07, at 5:37 PM, Igor Stasenko wrote:
>> Once upon a time we had platform code 'files' in the image. In
>> particular, the Mac files. Everyone else had to go through irritating
>> and time consuming gymnastics to build a vm.
>> You couldn't edit these 'files' sensibly because Squeaks text editing
>> ad gc has conniptions when you try to edit large strings.
> Heh, then don't put large strings. We all know that such code  
> stinks :)
Do feel free to travel back in time ten years and try to persuade SqC  
to change things.

>> The changes
>> log got polluted by massive chunks of text with each edit.  It was  
>> not
>> fun. People complained incessantly about not having  vm code in a
>> sourcecode control system.
> Huh? What does MC for?
And similarly, feel free to travel back in time so that MC can be  
available ten years ago.

> I'm just asking myself, when we could finally get rid of burden of C?

Never. Not going to happen. Probably against the lore.

Yes, we could probably rewrite a lot of code currently in C source  
files and put it into Slang methods. Yes, we could probably improve  
Slang (we tried to get some of that done at Interval but ran out of  
time) to be more friendly. Yes, we could do lots of things. Got time  
to do them? Or money to pay me/Craig/Andreas/Ian/John/Mike/Bryce/ 
whoever to do it fulltime? That's the kind of thing that would be  
required to be able to make any major changes

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