SqueakMap crashes in 3.10 beta.7158

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 02:26:51 UTC 2007


> People want a smaller image (less packages in base) as we have now ?
> And this smaller image could load any Squeak code from past and future ?

Yes, this is a good vision.  But the base 3.9 Squeak has 4077 classes,
of which 40, 40!, are for SqueakMap.  This is less than 1%.

So, what do we pay for that 1% savings in number of classes in the
image?  SqueakMap.

This is not a bargain!  There are many old packages which are not
present on Universes which have a chance of resurrection if they are

> If the answer is not,  people should download ready to use images , like the
> excellent of Damien for 3.10.

Oh, does Damiens 3.10 have SqueakMap ready to go?  If so, he should be
able to help you get into the standard 3.10.

> Or 3.8.2 full if this suits his needs.

But that's not 3.10,which is what we're talking about.  There are
those of us who want the *possibility* of benefitting from all of your
hard work.

> If the answer is yes, people should encourage guys trying to reach this.
> Meaning some sacrifices are needed.

I do encourage you, but the whole point of a tiny image is to be able
to build it to what I need.  SqueakMap, for the cost of a mere 40
classes, gives me the ability to take my image in 100 million
additional directions than I could/would with ONLY Universes.

So it's more than worth it.  Purge other stuff, leave SqueakMap for now.

> Today you could use SqueakMap , Universes , Installer and Monticello as ways
> to load code into 3.10.

The code-loading tools should all be included *standard* in the 3.10
image.  Purge other stuff if you need smaller.

> I hope in futures Squeak you don't have any (image could don't have this 4
> packages) .

Absolutely.  To me this is the Spoon dream.

> In the distant future, Squeak become Spoon, all you need is type "I want
> mp3" for cite some people request recently and   not more into 3.10.

We're together man.  Just disagreeing about *this point in time* of
evolution for Squeak.  I think it's too early to purge SqueakMap from
the standard image.

 - Chris

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