Preliminary new Yaxo version

Michael Rueger michael at
Thu Nov 1 11:34:57 UTC 2007

Boris.Gaertner wrote:

> Here are my first test results:
> 1. Squeak 3.9 #7067 does not contain the classes
>    CharacterSetComplement  and WideCharacterSet,
>    therefore I could not immediately use your code with that
>    version. To proceed, I dropped works with 3.9 for now
>    and moved to 3.10beta #7158.

Yes, those are changes that came in in 3.10.
And I just realized that I need to include them in the 3.8.2 fixes as well.

> 2. In Squeak 3.10beta #7158 I could try your code. The
>    surprising result is, that a structured xml element with
>    subelements can be parsed, but in the parse tree, all
>    subelements are missing. 
> Problem analysis:

Thanks for tracking this down. I will look at your proposed changes.

> By the way: Do we have any tests for the XML parser?
> At this moment I am deeply involved in xml, that would
> be a good moment to write some tests. Any interest?

There is a huge (generated) test library that I need to dig out again 
and make available.


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