Thoughts on a concurrent Squeak VM

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Thu Nov 1 15:27:49 UTC 2007

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> On 01/11/2007, Andreas Raab <andreas.raab at> wrote:
>> 2) Implement the "failure mode" for calling primitives from non-primary
>> threads and possibly implement the first few plugins that are
>> multi-threaded (files, sockets, ffi come to mind).
> Writing a generic threading framework comes in mind.
> A brief description:
> - each object in system should have a way how to get it's assigned
> thread id (and how assign it , of course).
> - if we see, that object having assigned thread, that means, that this
> object is 'captured' by given thread for processing, and we need to
> schedule new messages to that thread.
> Early i proposed this approach only for smalltalk objects and their
> active contexts, but this concept can be easily expanded to virtually
> any objects in system (Interpreter/GC/primitives).


Please expose the ability for a use to do a scheduled move of an object from 
one thread to another thread.

> You can see that with this concept we can virtually mix an interpreter
> 'sends' with VM low-level 'sends'.

Yes, indeed.

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