SqueakMap crashes in 3.10 beta.7158

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Thu Nov 1 16:43:58 UTC 2007

David T. Lewis wrote:
> Certainly, but this refers to the handling of multiple versions of a
> package within the universe (which should generally be discouraged
> BTW). On the other hand, if you have versions 2 and 3 of FooPackage in
> your universe, and next year someone adds versions 4, 5, and 6 of FooPackage
> to SqueakMap, your universe will still point at version 3. This is
> probably exactly what you want, particularly if the new and improved
> FooPackage V6.0 has been updated to use some annoying new feature that
> breaks your image and that you didn't want in the first place ;)

I don't get it. What you say above is in every way true for Squeakmap. 
First, I don't think you actually meant what you said above because it's 
trivially true in reverse: When putting v2 and v3 on SM and v4...v6 in 
Universes then SM would (obviously) still point at v3.

The only way this makes sense is if you say that when you put v2 and v3 
into universe A and v4 ... v6 into universe B that universe A still 
points to v3. Okay. SM does that by using version tags - if you mark v2 
and v3 for vX.y and v4...v6 for vX.z then you'll load v3 if you are in 
vX.y and v6 in vX.z. Where is the difference?

   - Andreas

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