HttpView2 1.1-beta available on Squeak Map

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Sun Nov 4 16:20:50 UTC 2007

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> Il giorno dom, 04/11/2007 alle 06.35 -0800, Rob Withers ha scritto:
>> Giovanni,
>> There is the SSL package on Universes, which would allow you to support
>> retrieving URLs like
>>     https:\\
>> Are you planning on supporting this in HttpView2?
> Hi Rob,
> Usually a web framework delegates these things to the web server, which
> in HV2's case is KomHttpServer.

Ok, thanks for pointing this out.  I was unable to load KomHttpServer from 
SqueakMap, as it wanted a definition of TcpService.  Someone should add 
these the the Universes browser.

> Personally I'd prefer using a web server such as Apache or Lighttpd to
> act as an https proxy, but if someone provides working code to support
> https on Kom I will gladly add it to the main package.

The code is done and working, it would just need to be integrated.


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